6. General

6.1. The Owner shall not be held responsible for any temporary defect or stoppage in the supply of public services to the Property such as water, electricity, gas, telephone or internet, or in respect of any equipment, machinery, or appliances in the Property or garden, which are not caused by the Owner.
6.2. If the Client is dissatisfied with the cleanliness or presentation of the Property, it should be indicated to the Owner or the Owner’s representative as soon as possible so that, where possible, all issues can be promptly resolved.
6.2.1. If any issue is not resolved at the time to the satisfaction of the Client, any dispute is to be addressed to the Owner or the Owner’s representative as soon as possible.
6.3. If the Client fails to notify the Owner or the Owner’s representative of any problem or dissatisfaction prior to departure from the Property, it may affect the ability to investigate complaints and impact the way that any complaint is handled.
6.4. The Owner accepts no liability or responsibility whatsoever for any accident in the Property, save any for personal injury or death arising from the Owner’s negligence.
6.5. Children MUST be supervised at all times.
6.6 Smoking is not allowed at any time in the property.