3. Security Bond

3.1. A security bond of £250 or €250 is payable with the balance payment 8 weeks prior to arrival. Payment can be made by cheque, bank transfer or in cash directly to the owner (on the occasions when the owner will be present)
3.2. If no deduction is required by the Owner, the security bond will be returned to the Client (or the cheque destroyed) within 14 days after departure from the Property.
3.3. Any breakages, damage or loss caused to the Property or its contents during the rental period may result in the forfeit of some or the entire security bond.
3.4. Notwithstanding the security bond held, the Client remains liable for the full cost of any repairs or replacements required or other losses incurred by the Owner due to accidental or negligent breakage, loss, damage or otherwise injury to the Property and/or the contents therein.
3.5. The Owner has the right to deduct supplementary charges from the security deposit if the Property is not vacated at the stated time, if it is left in a state that requires additional cleaning above that normally required or in the event of any other breach of this agreement by the Client, but this shall not prevent the Owner from receiving such charges from the Client by other means.