Oriental Bellydance Workshop with Fereshteh in Birmingham

FERESHTEH is HERE…..Oriental Bellydance Workshop with Fereshteh in Birmingham

Teaching Egyptian Belly Dance on Thursday 21st July 2011
Venue: Fellowship Hall
Time: 5.30pm to 7pm
Location: Sutton Coldfield
Cost: £15 per person

Topic: Oriental Belly Dance Workshop

CD’s and DVD’s available to purchase.

Contact person: Turkish Belly Dancer Ozlem Green
0798 508 7777 / 0121 378 17 15

About Fereshteh

Stunning Professional Bellydancer Available Available for Parties, Weddings, International Work, Functions, Corporate Events, Hen Parties, Christmas and New Year Parties, Themed Events, and Private Functions. www.fereshteh.co.uk
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