Birmingham Belly Dance Online Classes

Birmingham Belly Dance

Here at Birmingham belly dance, you can learn some belly dancing choreographies and moves for free at home with Birmingham belly dance online classes.

When you are ready please contact a belly dance teacher and come to a class as you will learn so much more from your belly dancing instructor.

Belly Dancing Lessons At Home

Belly dancing lessons at home allows you to try out and master some moves in the comfort of your own environment.

Why not get a friend around and have a go at the belly dance moves together?

Just follow the Birmingham Belly dance videos on the links below and get practicing some belly dancing moves with Birmingham belly dancer Debbie Williams.

Debbie teaches belly dancing classes in Erdington and Sutton Coldfield.

You can read more about Debbie’s belly dancing lessons here 

Click the links to the belly dancing choreography’s below for you to learn and master.

Belly dance drum solo

Many people really want to learn how to belly dance to drum solos and Birmingham bellydancer Debbie Williams has taught many belly dancers how to master the art of the drum solo.

Here are two complete drum solo belly dance choreography’s for you to learn;

Belly Dance Drum solo number one 

Belly Dance Drum solo number two

Coming soon Shakira belly dance choreography and veil belly dancing choreography

Looking for a belly dance class in Birmingham, West Midlands?

If you are not from that area of Birmingham and want to go to a bellydance class then please go to the bamba website where there are over 50 bellydancing classes to choose from.

Read more about belly dance classes in your area and find yourself a teacher here

BAMBA; Birmingham and Midlands Belly Dance Association

BAMBA is the Birmingham and Midlands Belly Dance Association where you will find experienced belly dance teachers who can help you to master the art of belly dancing.

All members show commitment to continued learning of belly dance, many go to Egypt, Turkey, Morocco and America as well as Europe to learn more from Belly dance schools around the world.

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