Shakira Belly Dance Choreography

Shakira Belly Dance Choreography

by Birmingham Bellydance

Ever fancied shaking it like Shakira? Do you remember when you first saw Shakira belly dancing in the video to her hit record ”Whatever Whenever?”

Would you like to have a go at a simple belly dance choreography in the privacy of your own home to see if you like it before committing to a belly dance class?

You can now master some belly dance moves to Shakira’s music as you watch as Birmingham belly dancer Debbie Williams shows you how to belly dance.

Belly dance choreography combination one

Birmingham belly dance teacher Debbie Williams breaks down the first combination to teach you a simple beginner’s  belly dance to Shakira’s music.

Please do a few minutes of stretching and warming up before starting to follow the belly dance moves in this video.

Follow up combinations of the Shakira’s belly dance choreography will be posted on our sister site    in the free belly dance class sections.

You will find other belly dance choreography videos including several drum solos where you can practice your belly dance moves in the comfort of your own home.

Birmingham belly dance classes

You can find a belly dance class in your area of Birmingham, West Midlands.

Have a look at BAMBA  The Birmingham and Midlands Belly Dance Association website where you will find 50 belly dancing classes all with experienced teachers.

Going to a belly dance class means you will meet new people and be guided by your belly dance instructor of the correct posture and break down of belly dance moves.

This is always a good idea and all belly dance classes will have a warm up and a cool down to ensure your best interests and health are paramount.

Belly dance classes near Sutton Coldfield

Birmingham belly dance teacher Debbie Williams has classes near to her Sutton Coldfield home and students travel from all over to come to her classes.

She has taught Belly dancing in Sutton Coldfield, Boldmere, New Oscott, Erdington and Kingstanding over the years and was the first person to bring belly dancing classes to these areas.

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