(Insert eye roll here) Luckily I live 7 minutes away so it not

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I have told my friends that husband and I are going to start trying soon. I wish women felt more comfortable being open canada goose outlet black friday about these things and maybe I can help make a tiny step forward. I had no idea. But canada goose store I know at my company and my store (450 scripts per day), not a minute goes by without a prescription needing to Canada Goose Online be verified. canada goose outlet reviews Not to mention all of uk canada goose outlet the techs constantly canada goose black friday sale handing over rebills or needing clarification on something, nurses canada goose uk outlet calling canada goose outlet new Canada Goose Jackets york city in scripts, transfers, counsels, administering vaccines, patient outreach calls, etc. Corporate tracks every metric imaginable and if you not canada goose outlet meeting them, you forced on conference calls or visits with the DM that take up more of the time you don canada goose black friday sale Canada Goose Outlet have, or canada goose outlet shop simply written up. Pharmacists have to do all this, avoiding bathroom breaks and lunch breaks, canada goose outlet online uk with a smile on their face. I just know in my state and my company, breaks are not required. So while, no one is saying pharmacists can eat or pee or cry in the corner, they choose to buy canada goose jacket avoid doing those things to uk canada goose keep their numbers up. 8 points submitted 1 month ago

The optimization is canada goose outlet in usa driving me insane! Some days it wants me to schedule 15 minutes before goose outlet canada the store even canada goose outlet online opens. Then 9 techs from 9am to 10am, then canada goose outlet store uk 4 techs from 10am to 4pm. How am I supposed to make that work?

I can get it to 86% but my DM wants in at 90%. One day next week, I scheduled myself to work 9 to 11:15, then come back from 4 to 7:30, just to get the optimization right. (Insert eye roll here) Luckily I live 7 minutes away so it not really that frustrating.

Or how about we were really slow today and could have been sending techs home early and saving canada Canada Goose Coats On Sale goose outlet parka payroll, but we can do that because we have to work according to the schedule.

Rant over. Good luck on your schedule

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I don think he should have whined about it, he should have learned by now how waiting your turn works. I also HATE lane 2 because canada canadian goose jacket goose outlet uk sale we have to scream their personal info back and forth at each other because they refuse to turn their engines off. (Their engines that are right canada goose online store in my speaker box)

But to be honest, I canada goose outlet sale hate when canada goose uk black friday I get a line in lane 1 and no one moves to lane 2. Chances are another tech could help me with the second lane, moving things along faster, but instead I have canada goose outlet store to get through all 6 cars by myself 10 points submitted canada goose factory outlet 4 months ago

You need to canada goose coats on sale make calls through M5, not QR and call the doctors office regardless canada goose uk shop if it a useless call or not to get your full points in wecare. Then you canada goose coats have to deny the canada goose outlet uk request, don delete it or your scores will go down.

Source: my store canada goose used to get 0 out of 10 points on doctor calls, now we get 10 out of 10. (When we have time to make them that is)

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I live in Texas and became a technician without going to school. I did it by studying for my PTCB and immediately becoming a registered technician. This way was nice because I got hired very quickly when my boss found out I did it on my own, and I got paid with a higher starting salary. Plus, it was nice being a little big more Canada Goose Parka knowledgeable about my job.

Yup, they starting to crack down on this shit more and more. Not as extreme but definitely no food and drinks must be in clear containers. Our PIC doesn even care about us eating in the pharmacy, but the store manager essentially bullied her into not cheap canada goose uk allowing it. The bag canada goose outlet canada check thing is for sure bullshit, too. If I buy something from the store I keep my receipt canada goose clearance sale in my hand while I walk canada goose outlet toronto factory out but I not wasting my time stopping and having them check it.

Basically my attitude towards canada goose factory sale all the rules anymore is, I don do anything deliberately trying to get fired. But when the rule is inconvenient and Canada Goose online demeaning, I ignore it. I the best tech they got, buy canada goose jacket cheap if they want canada goose jacket outlet to come after me because I didn go and prove I didn steal anything that day, they can eat my dick official www.haydar-furniture.com canada goose cheap Canada Goose outlet.

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